5 Pressure Vessels Manufactured for a Pulp Mill in Finland

Tuesday March 15th, 2022

For safe functioning under high pressure! Recently Nord Steel was awarded with a contract to supply 5 pressure vessels for a pulp mill in Finland.

Over the past few years, we have established an entire design department at our workshop exclusively for designing and engineering pressure vessels. Our experienced team develops and manufactures powerful pressure vessels, which are being delivered to a wide range of facilities around the world.

This time our scope of work consists of manufacturing blowdown tanks and condensate tanks with pressure going up to 45 bars and wall thickness up to 35mm. Pressure vessels were designed within strict Finnish and EU standards.

It was a great challenge to ensure the 45 bars pressure, since in previous projects our manufactured condensate, pumping, collection pressurized tanks were up to 10 bars of working pressure.

This is a huge step up for us to making things even more pressured! Only sky is the limit!