Certified for Free-Standing Industrial Chimneys

Friday October 21st, 2022

We always strive for the highest quality in our production, which is why we are expanding our portfolio of international certificates. We proudly present one more certificate, issued to Nord Steel by the Bureau Veritas Certification. This time it’s for cylindrical welded steel fabrications for use in free-standing single wall steel chimneys and steel liners in accordance to EN 13084-7:2012.

This European Standard deals with steel products which are produced either in series or as single items. It is a product standard which specifies the performance requirements of cylindrical steel fabrications aiming to convey the flue gas to the outside atmosphere. It also specifies the requirements for insulation and cladding which is also a very important part of such production.

We are looking forward to facing more challenges and taking on even more complex new projects.