Charity Initiatives Instead of Christmas Gift-Giving

Wednesday January 3rd, 2024

Every December, Nord Steel transforms the usual Christmas gift-giving tradition into charity initiatives. This year our team was divided into three separate teams, each with its own budget, which they could use at their choice to support people in need.

Our charitable initiatives extend beyond financial aid.  It’s not only about providing essential items but also engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing moments while eating mandarins, or even lending a hand in fixing tables. These initiatives encourage us to step away from our computers and experience different colors of life.

This year we helped a family whose home was burnt down in a fire, we also contributed to the treatment of a six-year-old boy and turned to a mother left alone with four daughters after the unexpected loss of their father in a car accident.

Helping those struck by misfortune is fueled by gratitude for being able to share, and the hope that more people will spend the festive season a little bit calmer, happier and safer.