First time in Spain: 170t of Carbon Steel Ducts and SCR Reactor

Wednesday July 28th, 2021

If we had to name one item that Nord Steel manufactures the most – ducts would definitely be our first mention. Even though we are familiar with various ducting systems and their manufacturing specifics, some projects are exceptional and will never be forgotten.

Here’s an example of our biggest (more than 170t to be exact) ducts and SCR reactor manufacturing project. In addition to its size, there was one more extraordinary feature that made this project stand out. Our client requested for a special heat and corrosion-resistant coat to be applied for all manufactured parts. Such aluminum-based coating system increased the project price by 50 %!

All the manufactured items were successfully delivered to a flue gas treatment plant in Spain. This was the project that made

Nord Steel step into the Spanish market for the first time. Special greetings go to our great project team who always finds solutions in any situation.