Manufactured and delivered: 10t of boiler supporting structures

Monday November 22nd, 2021

Delivering in urgency! We are flexible and when we have a new project on the table – we take it and do what’s important to deliver the best quality on time.

Recently Nord Steel received an urgent inquiry for manufacturing 10t of boiler supporting structures for a Danish project. Even though it looked that all production slots are booked out, we managed to reorganize our production schedule and include unexpected workload in it.

The project was completed in just over two weeks, including C4 coating, EXC3, delivery arrangements and all of the administrative work.

Even though we had limited time, quality requirements have not been compromised: products were checked by various quality inspections.  NDT was performed by the notified body and the whole manufacturing process was controlled by an independent auditor.

Though the scope of the project was not substantial in comparison to our average production projects, but this one was extraordinary because of the pressure to deliver fast and in the top quality.