Manufactured and delivered: 13t of Mill Duct, Filter Exhaust & Stack Equipment

Thursday October 7th, 2021

Nord Steel has recently completed a second project for the food industry in its history, with a volume of 13t. The project consisted of two separate parts Mill Duct (5t) and Filter Exhaust/Stack (8t) and was delivered to Italy.

The main challenge and distinguishing feature of this project was the inside coating. Since the equipment will be used in food industry, the inner parts of ducts could not be covered with primer as usual. If the primer was to come off at some point in the future, it would start to crumble and leach into the food products. Therefore, it was decided to use a perfectly harmless substance linseed oil, which was applied on inner parts of the products protecting them against the rust.

If we continue to receive such orders, maybe it is worth thinking about opening an oil shop inside the factory?