Manufactured and Delivered: 13,5m Stainless Steel Vent Gas Scrubber

Thursday July 8th, 2021

Is this a rocket or a spaceship? No, we have not yet entered the space production industry, but the design of this 13,5m stainless steel vent gas scrubber sure does look like one of the kind!

A vent scrubber is an air pollution control device that removes unwanted pollutants from industrial gas streams. By helping keep liquids out of your flare stack, it helps to run a safer and more environmentally responsible gas flare system.

Nord Steel had a rewarding opportunity to produce this unusual-looking gas cleaning equipment for a non-condensable gas treatment system, which was installed in a new pulp mill in Sweden.

Complex design production is what defines the essence of our daily activities – our clients come with very specific needs and our team always brings individual solutions for every situation.