Stainless-steel Gas-tight Ducts Ready for Delivery

Tuesday July 25th, 2023

Another fascinating project accomplished by Nord Steel. Our team has put their heart and soul into fabricating 26 tons of stainless-steel gas-tight ducts, integrated with carbon steel stiffeners and supports. This project showcases meticulous attention to detail and customization to meet our client’s unique requirements.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  • MIG and TIG welding methods were skillfully employed in the fabrication process, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship.
  • To guarantee top-notch durability and protection, carbon steel items were fully painted according to EN ISO 12944-ZN(R)EPPUR, while stainless steel was pickled and passivated as per ASTM-A380/A380M. (Shout-out to Tikkurila and Chimimeca Poland for their contributions in this aspect)
  • The ducts have been meticulously shrink-wrapped to prevent dust contamination and packed in custom-designed wooden frames, ensuring their safety during transportation and storage.

The integration of stainless steel and carbon steel components, along with the various quality control measures and packaging solutions, showcases a comprehensive and meticulous approach to delivering high-quality ducts to our clients.