Certified Quality Measures Throughout Entire Production Chain

Thursday March 31st, 2022

Tailor-made manufacturing is only possible by following the highest quality standards. Nord Steel designs and manufactures industrial steel equipment for various industrial sectors, such as power generation, pulp & paper, civil constructions, gas & oil and more. All the manufacturing projects are monitored by our specialized quality department.

Here are the main quality standards and procedures in our daily manufacturing operations:

  • NDT according to EN 17635 and EN 1090-2;
  • Welding operations supervised by the International Welding Engineer;
  • Certified Visual Testing and Penetrant Testing level 2 specialists;
  • NDT subcontractors database;
  • Pressure testing;
  • Coating quality assurance, within holiday, adhesion, dew point, layer thickness testing, with possibility for Frosio inspector supervision;
  • Pickling & passivation quality testing in accordance with the latest ASME standards.

Quality always comes first!