Ducts & Hoppers for Recovery Pulp Mill Boiler in South Africa

Friday August 6th, 2021

Nord Steel had the privilege to manufacture ducts and hoppers for the recovery pulp mill boiler, located in South Africa. Quite a long way from Lithuania, (Europe) where we do all the magic.

Packaging of our deliverables is a very delicate process, and it is even more important when the final destination is on the other side of the globe.

Every part of the ready-to-go products has to be packed into containers – lots of containers. Here’s a shout out to Nord Steel packaging team – very experienced guys, who work in the most efficient way so that the deliverables reach the final destination without a scratch.

Ducts and hoppers are a part of industrial boiler accessories providing support as a water-cooling wall. These parts have no tolerance for any deformation or even a slight shape alteration, therefore secure packaging and safe transportation is as important as the precise manufacturing itself.