World Environment Day – Time to Review Sustainability Goals

Friday June 4th, 2021

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Nord Steel is reviewing its sustainability goals. As steel manufacturers we are usually surrounded by steel structures, heavy machinery and welding sounds, however – we are devoted nature lovers.

Did you know, that steel is the most recycled industrial material in the world? Here at Nord Steel more than 95 % of waste is fully recyclable. By 2025 our team is determined to increase this rate to more than 99 %. In addition, we are investing in production efficiency aiming to use at least 95 % of raw material, leaving only 5 % for recycling after the production.

Here’s what we also do in order to make our planet healthier and happier:

  • We use only 100 % renewable energy
  • We continuously look for ways to cut energy consumption per ton of steel produced
  • We invest in more efficient and environmentally friendly machinery park
  • We adopt new technologies for innovative steel production that is light and durable

Happy World Environment Day!