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nord-steel  Sähköntuotanto
nord-steel  Sellu ja paperi
nord-steel  Rakennustoiminta
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nord-steel  Ympäristöön
nord-steel  Kaasu ja öljy
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Ainutlaatuisen ja räätälöityjen terästuotteiden valmistajana Nord Steelistä tuli luotettava yhteistyökumppani, joka tarjoaa täyden palvelun suunnittelusta asennukseen ja käyttöönottoon.

Ainutlaatuisen ja räätälöityjen terästuotteiden valmistajana Nord Steelistä tuli luotettava yhteistyökumppani, joka tarjoaa täyden palvelun suunnittelusta asennukseen ja käyttöönottoon.






Countries Nord Steel supplied to





Nord Steel Workshop in Kaunas (Lithuania): Now Fully Operational

Nord Steel officially expanded our operational footprint with a new workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our latest facility is now fully operational, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, featuring a…

Charity Initiatives Instead of Christmas Gift-Giving

Every December, Nord Steel transforms the usual Christmas gift-giving tradition into charity initiatives. This year our team was divided into three separate teams, each with its own budget, which…

Stainless-steel Gas-tight Ducts Ready for Delivery

Another fascinating project accomplished by Nord Steel. Our team has put their heart and soul into fabricating 26 tons of stainless-steel gas-tight ducts, integrated with carbon steel stiffeners and…

6 Reasons to Choose Nord Steel for Your Next Big Project

Stainless steel fabrication requires expertise, precision, top-notch equipment, and a passionate team. Look no further. Segregated Workshops: Our dedicated stainless steel fabrication workshop…

Mobile Compressed Air Station

One more mobile compressed air station has been sent to our client, ready to get to work! By its main feature of portability – the mobile compressed air station is also cost-effective, making it an…

Special Focus on Customization and Bespoke Engineering

No two projects are alike, and we strive to meet every need of each customer, no matter the complexity. Here's what you can get with a custom-designed wheels-based flatbed trolley: options include…

Packaging and Loading for Transportation

What topic is not always in the spotlight but is crucial to the steel production process? It is for sure packaging and loading for transportation. Believe it or not, packaging is important not only…

Exhaust Steam Ducts Made for a Power Plant to be Built in Warsaw (Poland).

Here at Nord Steel, we waved goodbye to the impressive Exhaust Steam Ducts our team made for a Power Plant to be built in Warsaw (Poland). These ducts (around 51t in total) will be used as primer…

Certified for Free-Standing Industrial Chimneys

We always strive for the highest quality in our production, which is why we are expanding our portfolio of international certificates. We proudly present one more certificate, issued to Nord Steel…

Two Massive Stainless-Steel Hoppers Sent to Sweden

First two out of six hoppers have successfully reached Sweden! Nordsteel was responsible for manufacturing and delivering the items, as well as all the accessories that come along – gratings,…

The Practical Skills and Work Competences by Apprenticeship project

Nord Steel has been cooperating with the Mažeikiai Polytechnic School for a few years already. This year a decision was made to join forces in the implementation of the Practical Skills and Work…

Certified Quality Measures Throughout Entire Production Chain

Tailor-made manufacturing is only possible by following the highest quality standards. Nord Steel designs and manufactures industrial steel equipment for various industrial sectors, such as power…

5 Pressure Vessels Manufactured for a Pulp Mill in Finland

For safe functioning under high pressure! Recently Nord Steel was awarded with a contract to supply 5 pressure vessels for a pulp mill in Finland. Over the past few years, we have established an…

Nord Steel Donates Eur 10 000 for Children and Families in Ukraine

Nord Steel joins the global support wave and provides humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians who are now coping with extremely difficult times. The company donates Eur 10 000 to NGO SOS Children's…

Stainless-steel Ducts Sent to Sweden

Just recently four trucks of stainless-steel ducts have been sent to Sweden straight from Nord Steel workshop. The shipment contained 20t of ducts which is only 11% of the total project volume! The…

Dredger’s Cutterheads Maintenance Works at Liepaja’s port (Latvia)

Intense port dredging works! When inland Nord Steel workshop mobilizes offshore, it’s always all in. Four teams of welders and assemblers worked 24/7 for almost 4 months to secure Liepaja’s port…

Certificates of Conformity of Steel Fabrication and Welding

Quality comes first, and we don't just say that – our production quality is certified by the internationally respected Bureau Veritas. @Nord Steel is certified with European Standards EN…

Hot Commissioning Certificate Received: Over 70t of Steel Equipment Fully Operational

Hot commissioning completed! At the end of last year Nord Steel has received hot commissioning certificate for more than 70t of different size and shape steel ducts supplied to Schwenk Latvija…

Manufactured and Assembled Divider / Slide Gate Successfully Delivered to China

Nord Steel has recently completed another successful project that had required extraordinary and precise attention to detail. The task was to manufacture a Divider / Slide Gate. Although this item…

Cooperation with MT Group: Condensate Tank with Service Shaft for Project in Poland

Cooperation brings exciting new projects! Nord Steel is a member of the group of companies together with MT Group, which is an EPC contractor specializing in energy and infrastructure sectors. This…

Manufactured and delivered: 10t of boiler supporting structures

Delivering in urgency! We are flexible and when we have a new project on the table – we take it and do what’s important to deliver the best quality on time. Recently Nord Steel received an urgent…

Manufactured and delivered: 5,7t Combustion Air Humidifier

Earlier this autumn we manufactured, packed and waved goodbye to the combustion air humidifier. The unit was made from AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel. It is 8,5m high with an inner diameter of 3,5m,…

Manufactured and delivered: 13t of Mill Duct, Filter Exhaust & Stack Equipment

Nord Steel has recently completed a second project for the food industry in its history, with a volume of 13t. The project consisted of two separate parts Mill Duct (5t) and Filter Exhaust/Stack…

Successfully installed metal construction in Latvian cement plant

Starting from July 2021 Nord Steel has joined the construction and modernization project of the Broceni cement plant in Latvia, recently acquired by Schwenk company – one of the oldest family…

Ducts & Hoppers for Recovery Pulp Mill Boiler in South Africa

Nord Steel had the privilege to manufacture ducts and hoppers for the recovery pulp mill boiler, located in South Africa. Quite a long way from Lithuania, (Europe) where we do all the magic.…

First time in Spain: 170t of Carbon Steel Ducts and SCR Reactor

If we had to name one item that Nord Steel manufactures the most – ducts would definitely be our first mention. Even though we are familiar with various ducting systems and their manufacturing…

Manufactured and Delivered: 13,5m Stainless Steel Vent Gas Scrubber

Is this a rocket or a spaceship? No, we have not yet entered the space production industry, but the design of this 13,5m stainless steel vent gas scrubber sure does look like one of the kind! A vent…

World Environment Day – Time to Review Sustainability Goals

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Nord Steel is reviewing its sustainability goals. As steel manufacturers we are usually surrounded by steel structures, heavy machinery and welding sounds,…

Manufactured and delivered: Gas Cleaning Equipment including 66m Height Wet Stack

Gas cleaning equipment probably makes the biggest share in Nord Steel manufacturing projects, and we are always very excited when our team creates something great by all means. Last year Nord Steel…

Nord Steel coating department: 1400 m2 inhouse workshop and limitless facilities outside

Steel manufacturing process usually never ends up with welding. Approximately 90% of Nord Steel products manufactured in our own steel workshop take a step into the surface treatment area. Steel…

Manufactured and Delivered: 6-cell Baghouse Filter (Scotland)

When we say that we work in heavy industry, we literally mean – HEAVY. Here is a completed project where Nord Steel manufactured fully assembled cells and connecting duct system for a 6-cell Baghouse…

Nord Steel participated in National Responsible Business Awards

In the end of last year, Nord Steel participated in the National Responsible Business Awards, organized by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. These awards recognize socially responsible…

steel storage silos

Manufactured steel storage silos delivered to Broceni cement plant in Latvia

Last week Nord Steel has transported two steel storage silos to the Broceni cement plant in Latvia. One loaded truck weighs 40t. Its dimensions are also impressive: 23.5m length, 4m width and 5m…

Certified Gas Equipment

Certified Gas Equipment

Certified Gas Equipment | Dream team of various specialists and rich portfolio of demanding clients makes us flexible and creative. At Nord Steel we usually manufacture tailor made equipment –…

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